1:1 Star Trek Communicator Bluetooth Prop Replica

  • $249.99

This Original Series Star Trek Communicator is a fully functioning Bluetooth handset compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. With its contactless charging stand, high quality MEMS microphone and large speaker, it doubles as a hands-free kit and a desktop Bluetooth speaker.

Highly accurate: created from 3D scans of the original hero prop with 3D texture mapping to replicate hero prop surface finish

Fully working Bluetooth handset. Easy to pair with any Bluetooth compatible mobile phone – authentic flip-to-answer action.


Immersive play features, with authentic voices and sound FX from the Star Trek universe.

Contactless charging magnetic desktop display stand. Built in Lithium polymer battery.

Highly realistic construction, with die-cast zinc and machined aluminium components.

Size: 11cm (h) x 7cm (w) 11cm (l)

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