1:144 Star Wars : The Force Awakens - Millennium Falcon Model Kit Bandai

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Available via Scifitoys Australia, don't miss out on this 1/144 scale Millennium Falcon Bandai kit, based on the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens.


- Scale : 1/144
- Construction type: Assembly kit
- Decals: Included
- Material: Plastic

-The display base, characters, and added optional effect parts are done in scale and accuracy
- Faithfully reproduces the cockpit internal structure. In addition, of the same scale figure attached boarding is also possible.
- Canopy to those of the all-clear material, comes with only two frames.
- In the parts replacement formula, can be opened and closed reproduce the hatch.
- Comes with landing gear to reproduce the implantation and maintenance state. You can reproduce the Millennium Falcon in the tarmac.
- Reproduce the flight state engine parts in effect parts of the clear blue of the selection formula.
- Display based desert motif of Jakhu of aircraft. Based multiple connection possible with the joint parts.

- A display base
- Figures including 1/144 Finn, 1/144 Rey, 1/144 Han solo, 2x 1/144 Chewbacca, BB-8
- Canopy × 2 types (clear plastic frame parts),
- Rear engine effect parts
- Hatch opening and closing reproduction parts

-Water-transfer decal x1

-Marking sticker x1

-Instruction manual x1

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