1:4 Court of the Dead - Death Master of the Underworld Premium Format Statue Sideshow

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Add this 1/4 Scale Death Master of the Underworld Sideshow Premium Format Statue to your Court of the Dead collection. Buy from Scifitoys, Australia favourite figure, customs, statues, toys and pop vinyls online store. 

Limited Edition : 500

“The light will forcefully define you. While in darkness, anything is possible."

Introducing Death: Master of the Underworld, an original character design from Sideshow's Court of the Dead Premium Format™ figure collection.

Death is feared in the Mortal Realm as the grim reaper of souls. While it is true that he ushers soulborn along to Heaven or Hell, that is but a mere fraction of the larger, more horrifying truth. Neither salvation nor damnation awaits mortals in Heaven and Hell. Death delivers human souls to a life of servitude in the eternal war between Heaven and Hell. Death himself struggles against his own base, destructive nature. He desires to become a Shepherd of Souls, guiding mortals to a truer spiritual balance, instead of eternal war. And so, Death, master of the Underworld, is biding his time. The Alltaker - for that is what he is known as in the land of the dead - is carefully, steadily, secretly plotting a rebellion against the fanatical Celestial Realms.

The Death: Master of the Underworld Premium Format Figure features:
- Custom embroidered and quilted garments - a testament to the high-quality Underworld craftsmanship befitting the Dark Shepherd
- Fine detail accents of leather and metal adornments finish his regal ensemble
- Death's "oldest companion” - his iconic scythe - is made of metal to ensure a durable, crisp representation of this feature fixture
- The Alltaker stands assumes his challenging pose atop a base of elegant, broken Underworld architecture, ringed with ethereal-blue souls
- Death’s outstretched hand points at you, identifying you as one of his special marks, a powerhouse soul born mourner, whose place in the Underworld is secured through your purchase
- The standard edition features the Face of the Alltaker mask, which Death wears while governing the Court of the Dead.


Product Size (approx): 30" H (762mm) x 12" W (304.8mm) x 17.5" L (444.5mm)
Box Size(approx): 14.00" H (355.6mm) x 24.00" W (609.6mm) x 26.00" L (660.4mm)

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