1:4 Iron Man - Limited Edition Ironman Mark III 3 Maquette Statue Sideshow

  • $999.99

Get your 1/4 Scale Limited Edition Ironman Mark III 3 Sideshow Maquette Statue from Scifitoys, Australis favourite figures and statues online store.

“Iron Man. That's kind of catchy. I mean it's not technically accurate, but it's kind of provocative.”

Sideshow and Legacy Effects are proud to present the Iron Man Mark III Maquette as a new addition to your hall of armors.

The Iron Man Mark III Maquette stands 22.5” tall, with an intricate design based on Tony Stark’s third suit of armor from the first Iron Man film. The Mark III was the first suit to feature Iron Man’s iconic red and gold armor plating, and the suit is detailed with weathering effects from battle.

Destroyed remnants of the malicious Iron Monger litter the rubble base where Iron Man stands triumphant after the skirmish. The Mark III suit has light-up features in the arc reactor, eyes, and hand repulsors. The arc reactor in Iron Monger’s chest also has a flickering effect.


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