1:4 Star Wars - Limited Edition Stormtrooper Commander Premium Format Figure Sideshow

  • $499.99

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Imperial stormtroopers were regarded as the Empire's finest soldiers, and their commanders were specially trained to be far superior to the common infantry soldier. These elite military officers wore unique blue markings on their armor befitting their elevated rank and position. Sideshow Collectibles presents the Stormtrooper Commander Premium Format Figure; this Sideshow Store Exclusive features detailed battle armor and an E-11 blaster. Crafted with Sideshow Collectibles' trademark attention to detail, the Galactic Empire's top ranking soldiers take position, leading your stormtrooper corps into battle.

Stormtrooper Commander Premium Format figure immortalizes the Empire’s most elite soldiers in stunning fashion. The figure’s hand-cast armor features a weathered quality and the unique blue markings to signify the Commander’s superior ranking. 

The Stormtrooper Commander Premium Format™ Figure features:

Leather Holster

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