1:6 MARVEL UNIVERSE - The Punisher Statue Fine Art Kotobukiya

  • $579.99

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Kotobukiya’s Fine Art Statue series continues to bring you the ultimate in high end collectibles with the most amazing figures on the market. Following up after the android Avenger Vision the Marvel Universe adds one of the most popular (and deadly) vigilantes of all time like you’ve never seen him before: THE PUNISHER! When Marine Corps veteran Francis “Frank” Castle’s family was killed in a mob shootout he embarked on a one-man mission to eradicate crime with all of the skills he had learned in the military. Without powers or great wealth the Punisher fights and kills with martial arts and a massive array of weaponry, and woe betide any bad guy who gets in his way. Now you can celebrate this Marvel Universe hero in style with a massive 1/6 scale Fine Art Statue featuring multiple display options!

The imposing Frank Castle stalks his law-breaking prey through an urban battlefield, alert for any sign of his targets. The Punisher appears exactly as you expect, dressed in his signature black t-shirt with white skull logo along with black pants, black gloves, and black combat boots. Always prepared for a fight, he carries additional weapons in holsters and plenty of ammo in belt pouches. Castle is massively muscled, rippling with strength and focused rage as he steps out from a corner of blasted wall to bring his weapons to bear. Multiple included interchangeable parts offer you a wide range of display options including portraits (classic widow’s peak and a more modern version with tousled hair and a chiseled jawline) and handheld armament (assault rifle with underslung grenade launcher or pistol and knife)! Meanwhile every inch of the Punisher in all of his different looks is expertly crafted with amazing sculpted and painted detail.

Sculpted by master artist Erick Sosa, the Punisher stands nearly 12 inches tall (1/6 scale) in an incredibly detailed battlefield scene featuring a destroyed wall with exposed pipes and rebar, broken rubble, and even a creeping rat at the anti-hero’s feet. Truly an eye-catching display piece, this definitive Frank Castle statue will be the centerpiece of your collection!

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