1:6 Star Wars - Han Solo in Carbonite Figure Sideshow

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Han Solo, one of the world’s greatest smugglers was once captured and frozen by the Sith Lord Darth Vader on the Cloud City after being betrayed by an old friend. He was encased in carbine and taken by the bounty hunter Boba Fett to Jabba the Hutt where he remained trapped for several months until his rescue,

Sideshow Collectibles presents 1/6th Scale Action Figure based on this iconic moment in the film. The designers have managed to capture the heart-stopping moment when the galaxy’s favourite smuggler was trapped in carbonite.

Multiple display options allow the carbonite slab to be positioned both horizontally, as it is moved through the Bespin hallways, or vertically as it rests in the freezing chamber. The base includes swappable floor decks to simulate either scene. It also features illumination in the base and along the carbon slab control panel.

Features and contents:
Illuminated base
Illuminated carbon slab control panel
Multiple display options
Horizontal display with Bespin hallway base design and illumination
Upright display with carbon chamber base design and illiumination
Magnetic vertical stand, the side panel light up and is switchable with both sides

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