1:6 Star Wars - Zuckuss Figure Sideshow

  • $359.99

Add this Sideshow's bounty hunter Zuckuss Sixth Scale figure to your collection. Buy from Scifitoys, Star Wars figures and collectibles online store.


Sideshow's Zuckuss Sixth Scale Figure offers a brand new sculpt and costume. This Gand features a detailed portrait with respirator tank and tubes, fabric costume (that includes padded undersuit), leather-like harness and pouches, a back-mounted respirator diagnostics pack, and armored boots.

Of course, you’re not a bounty hunter that Vader utilizes if you’re not well armed. That said, Zuckuss comes equipped with one set of gun firing hands, a set of neutral rifle grip hands, and a GRS-1 Snare Rifle.

- one set of gun firing hands
- a set of neutral rifle grip hands
- a GRS-1 Snare Rifle

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