1:6 WOW World of Warcraft - Frozen Lord Lich King a.k.a Prince Arthas Menethil Custom Figure Coreplay Deluxe

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Add this LICH KING Frozen Lord A.K.A Arthas Menethil Deluxe Figure Coreplay to your collection today. Buy from Scifitoys Store, Australia's favourite custom, figure and statue online store.

It is my sad duty to bring you very grim news. I am certain you know of Muradin's mission here in Northrend to strike at the Scourge and discover useful artifacts. We fought together against the Scourge, and although I survived, Muradin fell to the undead and demons. I grieve for my brave friend and your valiant brother. Yet know that his heroic death was not in vain, for his life ensured my victory against the Lich King's minions — and my recovery of the ancient sword known as Frostmourne. I shall be returning to Lordaeron soon. With Frostmourne in hand, I come to reestablish order and bring forth a shining new age. Muradin's remaining clansmen here will take his body back to Ironforge. You cannot know how deep are my sympathies. I know that this letter offers small consolation, but I felt you should learn of Muradin's death as soon as possible. You have lost a brother, and I have lost a valued friend.

May the Light preserve our peoples,

— Prince Arthas Menethil

Product Details
Materials: PVC
Model: CPWf-05

Package List:
1* Body,

3 pairs of hands

1* Frostmourne

1* eye wear

1 Pair of warglaive of Azzinoth 

1* Shadowmourne

1*mini figure


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