6" Harry Potter - Harry & Hagrid Q-Fig Vinyl Figure Quantum Mechanix

  • $179.99

Take a tour of the Wizarding World with Harry and Hagrid in your Q-Fig collection. Buy from Scifitoys, Australia favourite figures, statues and customs popculture store.

QMX have created their biggest and most complex Q-Fig Max yet, capturing the young wizard and his half-giant friend riding on Hagrid’s magical motorcycle as they race towards adventure. With Hagrid’s hair and beard wildly blowing in the wind, and Harry Potter smiling as he waves his wand to cast a spell, the two friends are ready for action.

Measuring approximately 6” high by 7” long, this Q-Fig diorama has been crafted from over 50 individually-cast pieces with no detail spared, from Hagrid’s clear-lensed goggles, to Harry’s Gryffindor scarf billowing in the wind.

The Harry Potter & Rubeus Hagrid Q-Fig Max is not only QMX’s most ambitious Q-Fig to date, it also marks their first limited edition, numbered Q-Fig, and includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

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