(PREORDER) 1:6 The second of warrior women series the black armor and butterfly helmets female Warriors (luxury version)

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Parts List:

-Simulated female head*1
-High flexible female body*1
-6 Replaceable hand*1
White Inner shirt*1
-Blue Upper garment*1
-Blue belt*1
-Blue pants*1
- Socks and straw shoes*1
Protective clothing:
-Butterfly Helmet*1
-Black armour(including shoulder armour)*1
-Multilayer cage hands *2
-Black forearm armour *2
-Black dress armour *2
-Black jambeau*2
-Black leggings*2
-Knife scabbard*1
-Spare knife*1
-Spare knife scabbard*1
-No-Dachi(Hilt carved pattern)*1[only for luxury version]
-No-Dachi scabbard* 1[only for luxury version]
Accessories[Luxury version]:
-Red Emblem Flag* 1
-Flag Hanger*1(made of solid wood)
-Samurai saber *1(made of solid wood)
-No-Dachi stand 1(made of solid wood)
-Bundle frame*1(made of solid wood)
Preorder Close : 07/04/2018

EST Release Date: Q2 2018

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