Star Wars - R2-D2 Cookie Chocolate Candy Jar

Star Wars - R2-D2 Cookie Chocolate Candy Jar

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R2D2 has been involved in so many galactic affairs. In fact, where would we be without him? One of his crucial missions was to protect the stolen construction plans of the Death Star Œ? how cool was he then? But now that the Rebellion is over and we enjoy the peace and prosperity of the New Republic, R2 can be assigned to easier and calmer tasks Œ? crucial though they still may be, like looking after your cookies and yummy treats!
If cookie jars were able to talk, this R2D2 Container would now beep ("Beep-beeeeeeeeeeeeep-booop-beeeeep.") to tell you that its tummy is empty!

Time to fill the cute R2D2 with yummy things then! You just need to unscrew his head (don't worry, this won't hurt him), then you can hide cookies or other sweets and things in his body. Your treats are now cunningly hidden: After all, who would expect a droid to store them?
The lid is sealed with a rubberised seal, so everything stays fresh and delicious. And, as opening and closing R2 is definitely audible, this serves to warn you if a cookie thief tries to meddle with your R2D2 Cookie Container!

Star Wars R2-D2 Cookie Jar Features:
- Officially Licensed Star Wars Merchandise
- Measures Approximately 17cm x 11.5cm x 15.2cm (with lid and handle)
- Jar separates at the head for easy access to cookies
- Made from Ceramic
- Comes with an official gift box

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