Star Wars : Darth Maul #09 Pop! Vinyl Funko

Star Wars : Darth Maul #09 Pop! Vinyl Funko

  • $26.99

Inspired by designer toys and stylized character collectables the world over, Funko is back with Pop! Bobble Heads.
This adorable collectable figure of Star Wars - Series 09 Darth Maul Pop! Vinyl Bobble head Figure (Funko)

Please Note:

This item may come with a slight dented box but the item itself is not damaged in anyway. Please do not commit to buy if you want the box in its pristine condition. Thank you

All the images provided are for illustrative purposes only.

Funko Pop Vinyls are a mass produced toy line and there can be minor variations to the products and their packaging. This can include but not limited to, slight creases or scuff marks and bents on packaging, minor paint variations, stickers included or not included on boxes etc. Please keep in mind that the packaging of these products are designed to assist the manufacturer and retailers to promote and sell what is actually inside the box - the collectable toy.
Unfortunately we will not be replacing or refunding products that have "minor variations". The products are still fit for their intended purpose, which is a fun collectable toy to play with or display and there is nothing further we, as a retailer, can do for customers seeking a pristine product or packaging.
These products have passed Funko QC and have been deemed fit for retail markets across the globe by Funko. If you have a particular issue with the quality of Funko's products, please contact Funko through their website at to provide that feedback.

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