Star Wars : X-Wing Miniatures Game - Rebel Transport Expansion Pack Fantasy Flight

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When the Empire launched a massive assault against the Rebellion's Echo Base, it dealt the Rebel Alliance a tremendous blow. Still, the Rebellion's losses could have been much greater. They were lucky to escape with the majority of their command structure intact, and the very fact the Rebellion was able to continue its liberation efforts after the battle owed much to the GR-75 medium transport and the role it played during the famous evacuation effort.

Recreate the drama of the Rebellion's desperate escape from Hoth and explore new adventures in the Star Wars galaxy with the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack for the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game! It comes with one huge, pre-painted GR-75 medium transport miniature and an X-wing escort. With rules for "energy" to fuel your shields and abilities, plus a new maneuver template that gives your transport the feel of a truly huge ship, the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack enhances your missions and Cinematic Play experience. It also opens all-new possibilities in the game's Epic Play format!

Ages: 14+
Number of Players: 2+
Playing Time: 20+ minutes

**This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play.

Rebel Transport Expansion Pack includes

Mon Calamari GR-75 Transport with Mon Calamari GR-75 Transport Maneuver Dial
X-Wing Escort with X-Wing Maneuver Dial
Small Base with 2 Small Pegs
2 Huge Bases with 2 Huge Pegs
X-Wing Miniatures Mission 8: Rendezvous
X-Wing Miniatures Campaign 1: Evacuation of Hoth
Damage Deck (Fore)
Damage Deck (aft)
Movement Template

Pilot Cards

GR-75 Pilots
GR-75 Medium Transport (Pilot Card)

X-Wing Pilots
Wes Janson
Jek Porkins
Hobbie Klivian
Tarn Mison
Red Squadron Pilot
Rookie Pilot

Ship Tokens
GR-75 Medium Transport
Wes Janson / Tarn Mison
Jek Porkins / Red Squadron Pilot
Hobbie Klivian / Rookie Pilot

Upgrade Cards


Backup Shield Generator
Comms Booster
EM Emitter
Engine Booster
Expanded Cargo Hold
Frequency Jammer
Shield Projector
Slicer Tools
Tibanna Gas Supplies

Crew Members Cards
Carlist Rieekan
Jan Dodonna
Toryn Farr
WED-15 Repair Droid

Modifications Cards
Combat Retrofit

Secondary Weapons Cards
3 Flechette Torpedoes

Bright Hope
Quantum Storm

Critical Hit token
2 Focus token
2 Evade token
6 ID token (#34 - 35)
2 Target Lock Token (U,V)
2 Stress token

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