V For Vendetta - Licensed Vendetta Party Cosplay Mask Rubies

V For Vendetta - Licensed Vendetta Party Cosplay Mask Rubies

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The V for Vendetta Mask is for you if you've ever imagined yourself to be a powerful revolutionary like V. Put on the mask and be instantly transported into the dystopian future in the UK where you work towards destroying the totalitarian government and convince the people to rule themselves. This V for Vendetta mask or Guy Fawkes mask features the signature rosy cheeks, moustache and goatee, with the sinister smile as seen in the 2005 'V for Vendetta' movie.

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people!"

This moulded plastic V For Vendetta Mask can be held in place with an adjustable elastic band and is surprisingly durable even after prolonged use. One size fits most teens and adults. Transform yourself into the ultimate masked vigilante for your next costume party or just while you're pranking your parents or friends. And always, always remember the 5th of November!

V For Vendetta Mask Features
- Officially licensed V for Vendetta product
- Guy Fawkes mask from the V for Vendetta movie
- Features the signature rosy cheeks, moustache, goatee and sinister smile
- Durable moulded plastic with elastic strap
- One size fits all

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