Batman - The Joker Variant Figure Play Arts Kai Square Enix

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The iconic image of The Joker Variant Play Arts Figure has been given a powerful makeover! Get yours today from Scifitoys, Australia favourite custom,  figure, and statue store.

The Joker is the vilest and powerful villain of all. He relishes in his heinous misdeeds as if he were enjoying a game of cards, with the coldest and most terrifying laugh and a pitch-black sense of humor, earning him the alias "The Clown Prince of Crime." He rains down fear and terror on the people of Hotham City. Skin so pale that it looks void of life, and lips so red they seem to drip with blood. He scoffs at notions of peace and love. With his dar, demented jokes and a madness beyond human comprehensions, he plans to drive the world to chaos. The first step? Murder the BATMAN!!

The Play Arts Kai has re-imagined the classic comic character, The Joker as unique action figures, staying true to the original design concepts but rendering them in a daring new style. Each joint, texture and surface detail has been meticulously crafted and the figures have been given the maximum freedom of articulation thanks to Square Enix extensive knowledge of structural design.

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