As a model kit manufacturer, they were always striving to further improve the material and detail and articulation of their kits.  That level of commitment has continued throughout all product types that they have developed, and KOTOBUKIYA is renowned for their quality and dedication to craftsmanship.

In their retail stores, they hold annual sculpting and painting contests, which is judged by their in-house and other known sculptors and outside judges, including the editor-in-chief of Hobby Japan, the Japanese model magazine.  The number of entries normally exceeds three hundred, with entrants from all over Japan.  In fact, many entrants at the contests have been scouted by the industry manufactures in Asia over the years.

They attracted the attention of not only top artistic talents, but also the favor of publishers and licensors who wish to work with only the best collectible toy industry has to offer.

KOTO Inc., and KOTOBUKIYA Japan today has a strong collaboration in the KOTOBUKIYA product development for North America Territory.

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